Pool Party Essentials

Pool parties are a great way to spend time with friends and family, especially on a hot summer day. 

We’ve complied the top 5 elements that ensure your pool party to be a smashing success.

  1. Date and Time. While pool parties can happen spontaneously, the most successful are planned in advance. Coordinate a day and time when most of you family and/or friends can attend because it’s true what they say–the more the merrier.
  2. Food. Eating is the most common activity that brings people together, and having a pool party is no exception. Serve up your favorite appetizers, heat up the grill for some barbecue, and offer some refreshing desserts to keep cool in the summer heat. 
  3. Water Toys. There are some really fun floaties and water toys that take pool parties to the next level. You don’t need a lot of pool toys to have a good time, just make sure your guests have options. 
  4. Music. Aside from the sound of laughter and splashing water, music is a key element to a good pool party. Music sets the vibe for a fun atmosphere, so put together your favorite playlist to enjoy while you’re in the water or relaxing on the patio.
  5. Pool. The most obvious element to a successful pool party is–the pool! However, not everyone has the luxury of a private pool. If you want to throw a pool party but don’t have a pool, some alternate options include- community pool, clubhouse pool, coordinating with a friend who has a pool, and even investing in an above ground pool.  Where there is a will, there is a way.

How to Earn $1 Million Seminar Recap

We had a great time at our seminar, How To Earn $1 Million Working 10 Months Of The Year.

Tom Ferry Coach and IMPACT Properties Training Director, Don Jacks, kicking off the seminar!

Aside from Tom Ferry Coach/IMPACT Properties Training Director, Don Jacks, and IMPACT Properties Broker/Owner, Aaron Zapata—we had the privilege of welcoming Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Miranda, to speak on the topic of personal safety.

A former REALTOR himself, Deputy Miranda gave seminar attendees insightful information about staying safe in dangerous situations that arise in a real estate agent’s line of work.

Deputy Miranda of Orange County Sheriff Department, presenting Personal Safety information.
Officer Kara Boyd of Orange County Sheriff Department, presenting Personal Safety information.

Event attendees ranged from veteran REALTORS (in business over 20 years!) to newly licensed agents ready to hit the ground running. Although there were differing levels of experience, all attendees left the seminar with one thing in common–powerful information for how to grow their business! The positive responses regarding new things learned and added value to their business, was overwhelming. 

Keynote speaker, Aaron Zapata, Broker/Owner of IMPACT Properties, presenting business growth strategies.

We’d like to recognize and thank our event sponsors, again, for making this seminar possible:

 Matt Sims, 714-924-3395

Jerry Blodgett, 714-719-2274

 Joe Kramer, 949-870-4010

Aaron Zapata, 714-660-2122 x1001



If you missed this seminar, don’t worry—a webinar with the same content will be released soon!

We are also planning our next event! Save the Date for our next seminar on Thursday, November 9. This seminar will focus on social media, how to generate business online. 

If you’re interested in getting more information about the upcoming seminar, fill out the form below. 

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